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Aubaine meets: Symmetry Breakfast

We met with the kings of breakfast and Instagramming - MICHAEL & MARK - you may also know them by their Instagram account; Symmetry Breakfast

Michael and Mark have a current instagram following of 395k, ten minutes after uploading their morning post they already have ‘likes’ in the thousands. In this article we discuss their meeting with the founder of instagram, how symmetry breakfast came to be and the daily pressures of being one of the most watched accounts on the worlds fastest growing social media platform.




So, tell us from the start. How did Symmetry Breakfast first come about?




It began when Mark moved in with me in 2013. When I think back there were probably a few different factors that all came together at the same time. I’d always taken photos of plane food (because it is generally quite bad) and the very first ‘symmetrybreakfast’ was on a flight to Venice.

Also when I first met Mark he had such a crazy job working long hours and weekends, the only time we actually spent together was at breakfast.




Did you ever foresee that the account would be as successful as it has become?




Not at all, I think if you go back far enough and look at the earliest images, you can see there isn’t really an aesthetic or style or way of thinking, I was just muddling through each day. After a bit of time a look starts to evolve and you have what it is today.




And who does all the cooking? 




I do all of the cooking.




Do you feel the pressure to create and post exciting content everyday?




Sometimes for sure, but all the limitations I’ve made for myself, the fact that its just one image a day, same format, it cuts out a lot of thinking. I try to keep my sources of inspiration as diverse as possible but sometimes I’ll make a classic with a twist.




What did you have for breakfast at Aubaine this morning?




We had the Full French! (Image)





Who is your most famous Instagram follower and what has been your biggest wow moment?




It’s a tie between Jamie Oliver and Kevin Systrom (one of the co-founders of Instagram). Definitely one of the biggest moments was having breakfast with Kevin in San Francisco, a very humble man who has changed a lot of people’s lives around the world.




What are your favourite Instagram accounts to follow?




@dandoherty_ is where I look first if I’m in need of an inspiration boost.

@blutopicecream is one of my best friends who has taken the leap from 9-5 job to starting his own ice cream business, one to watch for sure!

@felicityspector if you’re looking for #dessertporn




What tips would you give to instagrammers on how to improve their photographs?




Inspire people. If you are great at sharing and you offer a way for people to learning something new then you’re on to a winner.




Do people ever recognise you on the street?




It’s only happened once so far, someone running behind us in Hackney shouting SymmetryBreakfast!




You work down the road from us at the V&A. What do your colleagues make of SymmetryBreakfast?




I think they were as confused as me when it started to take off, I suddenly was being sent all sorts of samples of food or plates to the office. The V&A has definitely been an inspiration in lots of ways, especially having so many cultures from all over the world in one place. SymmetryBreakfast has almost become a mirror of that.



Thank you to Michael & Mark for coming to Aubaine and talking with us. If you’d like to follow @symmetryBreakfast they are active on Twitter and Instagram!


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