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A Recipe for Romance

Thursday February 7, 2019


The grocery store may be the last place you’d find yourself scouring for a gift this Valentine’s Day, but it may be the best place to start. When it comes to gift giving, handmade is from the heart, so naturally a thoughtful meal is the ultimate “I love you”. For the perfect gesture, we’ve rounded up the top five amorous foods for February. Stick to these basics, and you’ve got a recipe for romance!

1. Make it chocolate
We’re kicking off this countdown with something sweet! And if we’re talking dreamy desserts, of course it has got to be chocolate. Toss that tacky heart-shaped variety box and put in an extra oomph! Chocolate treats come in all shapes and sizes, and can even be easily made at home (or picked up from your local patisserie). As simple as chocolate covered strawberries, as classic as a chocolate éclair, or as crafty as a homemade lava cake, let the evening leave a lasting impression with a sweet finish!

2. Make it creamy
Whatever the dish, adding a touch of cream goes a long way. Dress your sweet breakfast scones with a dollop of clotted cream. Add a splash of heavy cream to your specialty pasta dish. Accompany your dinner mains with a rich dauphinoise side. Or, complete the meal with a velvety mousse dessert. Adding a hint of creamy decadence is what romance is all about!

3. Make it floral
The shops are rife with roses this time of year, so go the extra mile by incorporating their essence into dessert! A few drops into your classic buttercream recipe really adds a special something. Try steeping some rosebuds in hot water for a pretty pink tea to serve alongside! Or, transform that bouquet into a gorgeous garnish. Dotting your dish with edible flowers takes it over the top, with little effort.

4. Make it spicy
Chillies are a natural aphrodisiac; need we say more? Heat things up with a dash of spice! A sprinkle of red pepper flakes atop your mains or a cheeky pinch of cayenne with your chocolate dessert could be the wow factor you’re looking for. Try incorporating prepared pastes like chipotle and harissa to add spicy international flavours without the fuss.

5. Make it red
Obvious, yet effective; when it comes to romantic meals, red is tried and true! For mains, pair your red meats with a red wine and consider a tomato-based sauce for that perfect pasta dish. And for dessert? Adding a simple garnish of red berries with dessert will do the trick!

These fail-safe tips are sure to win over your loved one. Pop into your local Aubaine to see which of these we’re putting to use in our February offers!