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Aubaine Partners With the Karma App

Thursday February 22, 2018


This January, we decided to set ourselves a new year’s resolution to dramatically reduce the amount of food we waste in our restaurants. This topic couldn’t be more relevant at the moment and rightly so. Every year in London alone, we throw away 600,000 tonnes of food from restaurants – the equivalent of a kilo of waste per meal consumed. That doesn’t even cover personal food waste which reaches a staggering 900,000 tonnes a year: an average of £200 per person per year down the drain. This is a huge problem that we want to be a part of solving.

Aubaine started out as a bakery and we still sell our freshly baked goods daily from each of our restaurants, which can mean that we experience fluctuating food wastage. So we set out researching solutions to this problem and stumbled across the Karma app.

Karma is a Swedish start-up that has proved hugely successful in Stockholm. In 2017, its founders decided to further expand to the UK and launched their app in London just last week. The app connects hungry customers with surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away. Food is collected from restaurants and sold at a discount, so that it ends up in hungry mouths and not the bin!

We are really proud that we are one of 50 restaurants that have signed up to the app. You can now buy and collect our delicious artisan breads, pâtisserie and viennoiserie from any of our locations including Notting Hill, Broadgate Circle, Mayfair, Marylebone, Heddon Street and High Street Kensington. All of our baked goods will have been freshly baked that morning, and can be enjoyed just as much that evening or the next day. They might just need a little helping hand before serving – follow the steps below to ensure you enjoy them at their best.

How to refresh your bread:

  1. Run your stale loaf under the tap – cover the whole crust in either hot or cold water
  2. Pop your loaf into the oven at around 150 degrees for around 6-7 minutes
  3. Enjoy – your bread will be rejuvenated and delicious!

We hope this will mean that even more customers can enjoy our baked goods and help us to combat food wastage one loaf of bread at a time!


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