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But first, colour!

Thursday May 3, 2018


As Londoners, we all love a good cup of the strong stuff, and here at Aubaine, we are no exception. Our baristas are always on the lookout for the hottest hot drink trends, so if you’re bored of your basic cappuccino, or if your staple flat white is falling a bit…well…flat, then we have just the thing to spice up Monday’s pick-me-up, Wednesday’s hump-day helper and Sunday’s hangover cure!

Introducing our new super-colourful speciality lattes; matcha, beetroot, charcoal and turmeric. From the bright sunshine yellow of our golden, warming turmeric latte to the grey-ish blue hue of our earthy charcoal latte, you won’t be able to resist grabbing that insta-worthy snap of your daily fix. What’s more, our new lattes and bakery selection are a colour matcha (!) made in heaven, making your brew even more beautiful. Pair your beetroot latte with our pink raspberry, rose & lychee tart or couple your matcha latte with our pain aux pistaches for the prettiest pick-me-up in town.

Not only do these lattes look amazing but they also boast a number of health benefits. Beetroot, which is the base for our pink latte, is a great source of folic acid and is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, while our activated charcoal latte contains high levels of anti-oxidants. Not a coffee drinker? These lattes skip caffeine entirely. And if you’re vegan? No problem! With soy and almond milk alternatives, we have you covered!

Our speciality lattes are served in all of our restaurants, so get ready to give your morning, afternoon and evening boost a serious make over!