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Summer Bouquet

Tuesday August 1, 2017


Widely considered to be the leading florist of his generation, Jamie Aston’s expertise and unique style are frequently called upon by some of the world’s most elite names in fashion, film and music. Having worked with him for over 10 years, we can attest to his incredible creations but wanted to get to know a little more. We sent contemporary lifestyle brand, arva, to discover the man behind some of the most iconic floral designs in London.

What is the best flower to be using at this time of the year?

Peonies without a doubt, they are only around for a month or so and are beautiful.

Is there a season that you love for the flowers it blooms?

Spring is my favourite as the flowers all start to wake up and we get a lot more choice during this season.

What colour combinations work best for this time of year?

Blue and white for me personally at home but for a gift bouquet I’d go with mixed hot pinks, purples, orange and red, keeping it fun.

How do you come up with the creative concepts for your bouquet designs?

It’s just knowing what flowers mix well together, experience and practice helps. I enjoy mixing different textures to see what works.

What was the inspiration behind your designs for Aubaine’s new floral interiors?

We were going for something clean and chic, with a very modern and cosmopolitan outlook, we wanted people to notice the floral features and to appreciate the simplicity of them, not be overwhelmed by their presence.

What is the best way of making bouquets & generally, flowers last longer?

Cut stems on an angle, keep the water fresh and keep them away from the sunny spots of your house.

What’s your favourite thing about London?

The vibrant cultures and people.